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Project Description
Mondal Agro Industries Ltd established in 2002 as the first Poultry, Cattle and Fish Feed Manufacturing Industry of Northern region of the Country . The company strongly shakes the economic and industrialization activities of Jaipurhat and its neighboring Towns .The result comes very fast. Thousands of poultry farms and poultry related industries grew within few years. Now, Jaipurhat is the leading Sonali ( Cross breeding of Faomy and RIR ) chicks supplier Town in whole Bangladesh.

Later on, the company established a modern poultry hatchery and a high quality parent stock Farm and producing day old Sonali chicks.

In 2013 the company changed its name to PADMA FEED & CHICKS LTD

Padma Feed & Chicks Ltd. is also engaged in export of Sugar Cane Molasses since 1993 through it’s sister concern name & styled “M/S ANWARUL HAQUE” and playing an important role of earning foreign Currency.

Project Details
  • ClientAnwarul Haque
  • Date2 November 2014
  • CategoriesCorporate Webdesign
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